Top 5 Katy Perry Songs that Charted

Songs by Katy Perry have topped the charts many times

Since then, she has become very reliable in the charts, scoring 20 UK Top 40 singles, including four hit singles, and two chart-topping albums. To date, Katie has sold nearly 10 million tracks and has a whopping 275 million streams in her catalog.

Songs by katy perry have been popular internationally

Said to be Katy’s favorite Prism song, “Unconditionally” drew inspiration from Nashville and was a well-done power ballad that started after Katy helped with a UNICEF project. One of Katy Perry’s best songs of the 2010s, its theme is universal; the song garnered radio attention and a compelling promotional video inspired by the costume drama .

The Top 5 Charted Songs by Katy Perry

1. Dark Horse – 57 Weeks on the Charts

2. Firework – 39 Weeks on the Charts

3. Hot N Cold – 39 Weeks on the Charts

4. Roar – 35 Weeks on the Charts

5. Teenage Dream – 33 Weeks on the Charts

Songs by Katy Perry have been popular for a long time

Now perhaps forever associated with her enduring role as the backdrop for countless talent shows and real-life stories of triumph over tragedy, the self-empowering anthem has garnered more than 10 million hits since its October 2010 release at Katie’s home. Written by acclaimed songwriter Ester Dean and producers Stargate and Sandy Vee, “Firework” is the third single from the hit Teenage Dream album, and her place on Katy Perry’s best hits is forever guaranteed. It has been covered by many other artists and is perhaps Katy’s most mature standard to date. The song was nominated for Record of the Year at the Grammys, but its legacy is far from complete: it’s a tune so powerful that it could reemerge around the globe years later, by a song that may not even have Born artist however. “Fireworks” remains Katie’s first true classic.


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